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Why Covid-19 Changes & Accelerates: Think Digital and Start Fast, instead of, Think Big and Start Small.

Why COVID19 Changes & Accelerates: Think Digital and Start Fast, instead of , Think Big and Start Small.
From the Business side, it was a full collapse, but when we start to raise our head, a new model established during and after. Digital was an...More

From Pain to Gain in’Time of Covid-19 Recovery will be Digital. in'Financial Services, Government, ...

Digital Transformation has already started, but no one imagined there will be such a sudden Covid-19 pandemic. It turned the world upside down and forced us to break with the past and live a coming world. From the Business side, it was a full...More

With COVID-19 in’Financial Regulations, What’s Left From IFRS 9, BASEL 3, AML…?

Finally, after months and months of Corona Pandemic, the World starts feeling the End of the Tunnel! What are the Regulators’ responses and Financial measures, to provide market Trust and Transparency, foster Economic & Financial...More


COVID-19 Accelerates the shift we have all been experiencing in Payments. Remote Customer Onboarding has always been important; the Digital Identity is the Key. Instead of the slow march to Digital, “We are seeing years of change...More

Cyber COVID: in'Times of Financial Crimes, and Cybersecurity, with All International Regulators...

Official Responses to increasing levels of Cybercrime, Financial Crime and Cybersecurity, during the Global Lockdown. Why Cybersecurity matters more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic? Cyber-criminal merchants are...More

FATF in Time of COVID-19, related AML / CFT Risks and Policy Responses

Criminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the gaps in national AML/CFT systems, with resources focused elsewhere, to carry out financial fraud and exploitation scams, including advertising and trafficking in counterfeit...More

Digital ID: Regulations in Uncertain Times

VALOORES sheds light over the Digital ID Assurance frameworks and standards, especially those in place in the United States and the European Union… bridging the Digital ID’s technical ecosystem with the policy development bodies...More

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VALOORES Global Movie

VALOORES, established in 1989, is one of the leading providers of Enterprise Risk & Performance Management, alongside Decision Making solutions. We are a World Class Company catering solutions and services to Tier 1 enterprises around the globe.


IFRS 9 “Regulatory Tsunami” comes to succeed IAS 39 by introducing new requirements and models for financial institutions. Financial Instruments are now perceived differently while the guidelines are divided under 3 main pillars: Classification & Measurement, Impairment, and Hedge Accounting.

VALOORES in'Analytics

VALOORES in’Analytics, with its native forecasting models, leverages customer-centric products, segmentation / clustering based optimization vehicles, and introduce what-if simulations, rule-based offer mechanism, and ROI-aware decision making.


Financial institutions are working hard to fight financial crime and bank fraud driven by demands to protect their assets, as well as by regulatory compliance. One area of specific focus is that of Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

VALOORES BoB Finance Testimony

BoB Finance started operating in 2005 to become one of the largest financial services providers in Lebanon. The 900 locations between standalones and subagents cover the whole Lebanese territory and refer to headquarter where compliance and account approvals are centralized as well

VALOORES in'Campaign

Our application plays a significant role in organizing and optimizing each and every detail of the marketing campaign, from the financial aspect to resource allocation and objective alignment. in’Campaign Management helps your company achieve several goals that are vital for the success of any marketing plan set in motion.