VALOORES held a Corporate Presentation at AUB
October 09, 2018

VALOORES held a Corporate Presentation at AUB with the Collaboration of the Career Management Services at the School of Business on October 09, 2018.

The presentation was provided to a selection of promising future candidates majoring in Engineering, Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Statistics, Business, Business Analytics, Economics, Banking and Finance, Computer Science, MIS, Business Computing, IT.

The senior students were introduced to the following topics:

  • VALOORES’ work ethic, Culture and Values.
  • VALOORES Lines of Business and Operational Departments
  • VALOORES Career Opportunities and Internship Program
  • The Industry Pain and VALOORES’ Added Value
  • Real Life Success Stories as a Leading Force Across Multiple Local and Global Market Sectors
  • VALOORES’ Clients Locally and Globally
  • VALOORES Academy

It was an opportunity for them to gain insights on the means and tools to optimize their skills and expertise in order to excel in their future careers.

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